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Antics are ludicrous gestures or acts committed by troublemakers in the Drillimation Universe. These actions usually cause grief and inconvenience to people. Some notable examples include such action range from the mundane, like moving a log while someone's walking across, to the surreal, like transporting an entire room to the moon. The best known person who commits antics in the Drillimation universe is probably Wataru Hoshi.


Some notable committers in the Drillimation Universe are:

Committer First committed in Status
Wataru Hoshi Wataru turns school into Creeper's Arcade and gets grounded Active
Susumu Hori Susumu kills Barney and gets grounded Semi-Active
Keel Sark Keel steals Ms. Kuroi's job and gets grounded Semi-Active
Tony Horunovski Tony Turns Walmart into Poopmart and gets grounded Inactive
Ataru Hori Ataru runs on a Quidditch field and gets grounded Inactive
Chuta Bigbang Chuta gets fatter at Tim Hortons and gets grounded Semi-Active
Konata Izumi Konata Izumi gets in Dead Meat Semi-Active
Leopold Slikk AGK kills Konata Izumi and destroys Ryou High School and gets grounded Inactive
Kingmtj Kingmtj scares SUPERMARIO123311 and gets grounded Semi-Active
Ovide Ovide farts on the bus and in class and gets grounded Inactive

Color Legend:

Color Description
Active This character has committed five or more antics.
Semi-Active This character has committed one to five antics.
Inactive This character has only committed one antic.

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