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Chuta Bigbang


Text to Speech Voice



October 10, 1984






Video Game Player

Notable for
  • Eating McDonald's every day
  • His obesity

Wataru Hoshi, Susumu Hori, Anna Hottenemeyer

Chuta Bigbang is Wataru's childhood friend in the Drillimation series. He goes to the same school as Wataru and commits nearly the same antics as Wataru.

Role in the GamesEdit

Star Trigon Rescue Rangers (2002 version)Edit

Chuta appears as a playable character in the game. At the beginning of the game, he discusses on how they wanted to save the world as kids.

Mr. Driller Drill Land (Both SNES and Gamecube versions)Edit

Chuta appears as a cameo on the entrance to the Star Driller attraction. He even appears in the Dreamin' Parade mode along with Wataru.

Role in the Drillimation seriesEdit

CoolGamer23's Drillimation SeriesEdit

In Wataru Hoshi vs. Miyuki Takara, Chuta appears at the beginning and end of the Drillimation.

In Wataru Hoshi pulls the fire alarm/expelled, Chuta talks about helping Wataru pull the fire alarm.

In Keel Sark gets in Dead Meat, Chuta is seen throughout the whole video until he gets a yellow card.

In Chuta gets fatter at Tim Hortons, Chuta asks for over 9,000 curry donuts and gets fatter from them.

In Tony Horunovski turns Wal-Mart into Poopmart, Chuta appears at the beginning of the Drillimation, so excited that their local Jos. A. Bank store went out of business.

In Chuta watches Lucky Star/grounded, Chuta decided to start watching Lucky Star until his dad tells him Lucky Star is so stupid. He continues watching it and gets grounded.

In Konata Izumi gets in Dead Meat, Chuta appears picking up a green card.

In Wataru and the gang beat up Yhynerson1/grounded, Chuta joins in on helping Wataru and friends commit the antic after Wataru got banned from his Minecraft server.

In King Empty Jay steals the teacher's job/grounded, Chuta can be seen in the detention room.

In Ovide farts on the bus and in class/grounded, Chuta makes an appearance on the bus.

In Wataru gets grounded on April Fools' Day, Chuta helps Wataru in the antic of inputting weed in Ryou High School's lunches.

In Wataru starts a food fight at lunch/grounded, Chuta discusses his story when he got Mortal Kombat X when King Empty Jay calls Wataru "otaku" several times.

In Wataru goes to the movies while grounded, Chuta can be seen in one of the seats.

In Wataru puts spikeweed in Principal Brinks' parking spot, Chuta helps Wataru commence the antic.

In Wataru misbehaves on a field trip/grounded, Chuta can be seen in the crowd.