Clan Centurio
Developer: Driller TV, Inc.
Release Date: November 2014
Platforms: Instagram
Genre: Anti-threat software

Clan Centurio is an anti-threat software developed by Driller TV, Inc. as a component for Drillimation. During one week in May 2015, the system detected over 5,000 threats by Drillimation haters. It has become a successful software, and as of July 2015, over 100,000 threats were destroyed by Clan Centurio.


When the software detects a threat made by a Drillimation hater, it will immediately wipe out the hater's Instagram wall. After the threat was destroyed, the hater is immediately notified that access to Drillimation was permanently revoked and restrictions are applied to the hater's account.


Susumu Takajima, the founder of Kyoto Driller, said that people were asking to take stuff down was common. He needed an anti-threat software to prevent this from happening. So he collaborated with Instahack to develop this software.

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