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CoolGamer23's Drillimation Series

Driller himself.

Vital statistics
Status: Active
Homeworld: Toyko, Japan
Gender: Male
Birthdate: October 25, 1999 (15 years old)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Chronological & Political Information
Allies: Igor the Mii and Oliverwestern
Enemies: Kingmtj, SUPERMARIO123311, and BlueSnowdrop14
CoolGamer23 is the creator of Drillimation, he started it in October 2014, but he started the wiki after he got a DMCA complaint from Kingmtj for using the sprites featured in Drillimations. Drillimation is a portmanteau of drill and animation


  • Wataru Hoshi - a 15-year-old otaku that doesn't give a crap about school and only cares about video games such as Mortal Kombat, Team Fortess 2, and Grand Theft Auto.
  • Kenji Hoshi - Wataru's very abusive father, who likes beating him up for every antic he commits.
  • Susumu Hori - a class genius who helps Wataru on the good and bad things.
  • Susumu "Driller" Takajima - Wataru's enemy (sometimes friend) who likes teaching the Japanese language.
  • Ryan Brinks - Wataru's principal, who gives detentions and suspensions to Wataru every time he commits an antic.
  • Jay Brinks - Also known as King Empty Jay; another one of Wataru's enemies, who only wants him to die.
  • Keel Sark - Sometimes Wataru's ally, he sells griefer supplies that will make his enemies' lives a living nether.


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Title Date Watch/Video ID
1 Wataru turns school into Creeper's Arcade/grounded 11/06/2014 0_2IClGs921o
2 Wataru gives his teacher plastic surgery/grounded 11/08/2014 0L2vL-5m4Yks
3 Susumu kills Barney/grounded 11/09/2014 0eg5bzQfGpIA
4 Susumu craps at the theatre/grounded 11/09/2014 0W6pRE-PK22w


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