Drillimators are real life people who make Drillimations. In most cases, their true names are unknown (unless they reveal it themselves) and they upload most of their parodies on YouTube.


The most important characteristics that differentiates Drillimators from other YouTubers who make Drillimations is as follows:

  • Drillimators tend to make multiple Drillimations off Mr. Driller, and in almost all cases the majority of videos in their channel are Drillimations.
  • Characters in Drillimator's Drillimations are self-aware, and they tend to have a defining personality (for example, King Empty Jay is the Drillimation nemesis, Wataru Hoshi is a prankster, and their parents are the objector) which collectively defines a distinct universe from their real life counterparts.
  • Drillimations with Wataru commentating or criticizing on real world issues are not the main concern of most Drillimators; they make parodies for the Lulz.

To make their Drillimations, Drillimators create a GoAnimate account, choose a subscription plan (either GoPublish or GoPremium) and create their own lines with the Text-to-Speech voices.

Their favorite activity is making Konata Izumi look stupid and/or a victim of Wataru's antics and creating other very funny situations.

Most Drillimators also have a tendency to love Rammstein (and good music in general), enjoy the Trololo and MLP.

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