Mr. Driller G

Box art of the North American version.

Developer: Driller TV, Inc.
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: Super Nintendo

JP October 11, 1991
NA March 9, 1992

Sony PlayStation
JP November 22, 2001

Platforms: Super Nintendo, PlayStation
Engine: SNES Driller Engine 2

PS Driller Engine 4

Series: Mr. Driller
Genre: Puzzle

Mr. Driller G (ミスタードリラーグレート Mr. Driller Great) is a 1992 tile-matching game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in Japan on October 11, 1991 and North America in March 9, 1992. It is the sequel of Mr. Driller 2 on the Nintendo Entertainment System.


The objective of the game is to swap one block with another and form rows of three. When such a chain is created, the blocks disappear, causing randomly generated blocks to fall from the top to take the matched blocks' place. Sometimes, falling blocks automatically line up, causing chain reactions called combos. There are several different modes of gameplay available.


The player tries to match three to five of the same color blocks together either horizontally or vertically. Every swap does not need to match, and 1% of air is lost every time a move is made. A normal swap that makes three blocks makes three new blocks come in. A match of four blocks creates a Dristone Bomb, which explode when matched and destroys the blocks around it. A match of five blocks creates a Rainbow Dristone, which destroys any of the blocks of the same color gem it was swapped with. Players must destroy one hundred blocks to clear a level, and the game ends when your air supply runs out.


Similar to Classic, except the air supply starts halfway and goes down by 1% every 5 seconds, but this number increases every three levels. If in a situation the air supply runes out, the game ends.

Quest ModeEdit

Quest Mode is an RPG-themed mode where players battle monsters by making block matches. Health is indicated by points that must be scored to defeat an enemy. Players start with five lives, which are lost if a scenario level is failed. If the player loses all their lives, the game reboots and will have to respawn from their last save point.


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There are five unlockables in Mr. Driller G:

America Stage ClassicEdit

Beat the India stage on Classic to unlock this stage.

America Stage ActionEdit

Beat the India stage on Classic to unlock this stage.

Egypt Stage on Classic and ActionEdit

Reach level 10 in Quest mode to unlock this stage.

Vertical/Horizontal Dristone BombEdit

Destroy 12 blocks in a single move to unlock this Dristone.

North Pole Classic and ActionEdit

Complete Quest Mode to unlock this stage.