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Super Charged Temper Tantrum Attack
Leopold charging the attack in Angry German Kid.

CoolGamer23's Drillimation Series

Committed by

Wataru Hoshi and Leopold Slikk

Antic Type



Finishes off an enemy in battle

The Super Charged Temper Tantrum Attack is an attack used by antic committers. It is a very powerful and annoying antic. Once they unleash their full power, they will throw a temper tantrum so loud (that you would want to lower your volume), and will cause total destruction. The committer will go out of control at this state.

They tend to use this move when they fail at something like a test, when things don't go their way, or when they want someone or something to be finished, or dead. They use it at very rare occasion. It is probably in fact the most dangerous, and most powerful antic ever.

Appearances in the Drillimation Universe

CoolGamer23's Drillimation Series

In Wataru misbehaves in detention, Wataru uses it to finish off Keel Sark after he sent him a blue screen.

In AGK kills Konata Izumi and destroys Ryou High School, he uses it on Konata to finish her off.

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