The series' logo.

The Drillimation Series is a series focused on an anime series created by Susumu Takajima using GoAnimate. It depicts the adventures of various characters in a Minecraft universe.

The series debuted on GoAnimate November 6, 2014, and on YouTube in October 2015. The series has taken a short hiatus and will return on January 4, 2016.

In May 2015, the series ran into a legal issue regarding the sprites from KingMTJ. The style was changed.


The series takes place in Minecraftia, the place in Minecraft. The most common species is called Mr. Driller Chibi, which the hactivist group KEJA wants to try and eliminate. Humanoids generally serve the non-Mr. Driller Chibi race as their owners.

Wataru Hoshi is the main character of the series, who commits pranks called antics towards others.

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