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A massively destroyed page on Wikipedia.

Vandalism is the act of irritating people on wikis through the use of destruction, construction, and social engineering. Popularized on Wikia by teams, vandalism has become a serious problem for admins and can bring drama into wikis.

Trolling, however, is different from vandalism, because afterwards vandals give their items back, and repair any damage they did.

Problems caused by vandals

Type Description How to prevent
Destruction Self explanatory. Most vandals' goals are to destroy as much content as they can, so they can make pages unusable and destroyed. Protection has become useful on wikis, and they can protect pages to prevent this problem.
Creation Nearly as frequent as destruction, vandals often attempt to add offensive information to pages. They also attempt to add spam, gibberish, and false information to pages as well.
Spamming Spamming is the act of typing large amounts of unwanted text on pages and comments. This can result in a lot of lag, which is more annoying than vandalism. If able, admins are able to revert any damage they did.
Sockpuppetry If able, vandals can create more accounts after they were banned to cause more trouble. They can do it to escape bans, post vandalism, and even harass other users. Users who have created sockpuppet accounts can be reported to the VSTF. The Wikia staff will close those accounts.
Hack Trolling This is the hardest type of vandalism, vandals attempt to hack into admin accounts and unban their accounts so they can continue vandalising pages. Admins are directed to ban unbanned users if their account was hacked. They must also change their account password to prevent this problem from occurring.